The Portofino series, an expression of understatement and good taste for 30 years, is complemented by the new Portofino Midsize collection, created for those watch lovers who prefer a slightly smaller timepiece. The new Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase and Portofino Midsize Automatic Day&Night, available in 7 different versions, are perfectly complemented by their fine alligator leather straps, produced exclusively for IWC by Santoni. These elegant leather straps from Santoni are elaborately finished by hand, each one has an exclusive patina-like shimmer with its own individual colour tones. To achieve this effect, the surface of the leather is polished with various different pastes until the desired shading and a perfect sheen are achieved. The wide choice of colours for the straps used with this year’s Portofino collection was inspired by the brightly coloured facades of the houses in Portofino, which lend the port its distinctive character. Once again, Peter Lindbergh celebrates this new project with an impressive and rigorously black&white pictures gallery, portraying IWC’s Friends of the Brand, shot in the magic frame of Portofino, expression of a timeless elegance.


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